Business Process Workflows

The Power of Salesforce Flow

Customize and Automate with Confidence: Salesforce Flow gives you the flexibility to build workflow process automation ranging from simple to incredibly complex. Start with a trigger, add logic elements, and connect actions to create a process tailored to your exact needs. Enhance your Flows with Einstein AI capabilities like sentiment analysis, lead scoring, and predictions for even smarter decision-making. Integrate with external systems using APIs to push and pull data, extending your automation reach.

Orchestrate Complex Processes with Salesforce Flow Orchestrator

Choreograph Multi-Step Business Logic: For intricate workflow processes that involve multiple users, stages, and span longer periods, Salesforce Flow Orchestrator provides advanced capabilities. Design multi-step workflows with built-in user interactions, scheduled tasks, and reminders to ensure everything stays on track.

Business Process Workflow for Banks – Use Cases

Here are some examples of the use cases that have been automated for Banks. These processes are focused on different areas such as currency management, custody services, unusual event handling, approval processes, and financial inclusion initiatives. Here’s a condensed summary of each use case:

  • Currency Chest Management: Implements a workflow-based application for remittance and cash receipt flows, integrating dynamic queue management and integration with Core Banking for automated banking entries, enhancing vendor management, and enabling Single Sign-On (SSO) integration for Bank employees to access the solution.
  • Custody Services: Streamlines email-to-case processes, automates case distribution and tracking, manages audit trails, ensures Time-To-Resolution (TAT) management, integrates with Document Management System for document handling, and facilitates SSO integration.
  • Unusual Events Handling: Focuses on auto-assignment to multiple departments with a workflow-based approval process, Client Master integration for banking information, automated notifications, and robust validations and access management.
  • Approval Note Processing: A workflow solution enabling dynamic approval levels, utilizing chatter for queries/responses, and integrating with a third-party document management system, aimed at improving the efficiency of case management and approval processes.
  • Financial Inclusion: Automates workflows for financial inclusion cases, managing branch and queue operations, tracking cases, enhancing TAT management, alongside Salesforce alerts for case assignments and transitions.

These use cases demonstrate the versatility of Salesforce in automating complex banking backoffice branch-facing process workflows, improving efficiency, and enhancing customer service while maintaining a focus on security and compliance.

Transform Your Business Process Workflow with Salesforce Automation

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