Buyer Journey Management

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Donor Management - Salesforce NPSP - Thinqloud

Buyer Persona and Journey Mapping

Buyer Persona qualitative research done on your customers & buyers - considered you & did not buy from you, or in status quo, or bought from someone else & did not consider you.

Donation Management - Salesforce NPSP - Thinqloud

Content Creation

We take stock of the digital assets you have to address these buying journeys and can help build your additional assets, to address all stages of the buyer journey.

Grantt Management - Salesforce NPSP - Thinqloud

CRM Implementation

Plan the migration to Salesforce® Technology i.e. Sales Cloud – Sales process management. Implement changes to the sales process based on the journey mapped.

Moves Management - Salesforce NPSP - Thinqloud

Web site Updation

Help implement a mobile-friendly website that drives engagement. We need to ensure that all form fills and interactions will get updated into the CRM with dedupe checks.

Donor Engagement - Salesforce NPSP - Thinqloud

Site Engine Optimization

Based on buyer journey and keyword research, we will need to ensure that we have the right online content that will organically outperform competition.

Apps for fundraising - Salesforce NPSP - Thinqloud

Marketing Automation

Buyer journey, automatic triggers, lead scoring, list building, landing page design, social media, email automation, re-targeting, task management & sales team alignment.

Marketing and Communities - Salesforce NPSP - Thinqloud

Site Engine Marketing & Campaign ROI

Design and operate online digital advertising and outreach programs to get leads via various digital channels.

Analytics and Impact - Salesforce NPSP - Thinqloud


Besides the Salesforce products, we will refer and implement tools, which the customer can have access to for SEO, SEM, Analysis & Analytics

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