Reimagine Client Onboarding in Banking with Digital Technologies

Customer onboarding plays a key role in determining the relationship with your prospects and existing customers and it is a critical part of the customer journey. It sets the tone for the entire relationship going forward. Every customer’s onboarding journey is different but there is one demand in common: fast and flexible interactions with the banks

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Reimagine Client Onboarding in Banking with Digital Technologies

Deliver faster customer onboarding experience with Thinqloud’s solution

Remote Customer Onboarding

Video KYC with Facial Recognition

Realtime Identity Verification

Digital KYC Checks

One-platform Solution for All Your Customer Onboarding Challenges!!

Deliver branchless, paperless, and frictionless onboarding journeys with Thinqloud AI-powered authentication technology. Improve onboarding rates by instantly verifying customer identity and other information.

Our Value Proposition

Reimagining the corporate customer onboarding experience can be complex and challenging for banks, but there are ways to make a difference. The common ambition is to leverage service design principles to reduce complexities and transform underlying processes to improve customer experience. But the transformation roadmap will be unique for each bank. It will depend on context, pain points, priorities, and size and scale of onboarding operations. To reduce the complexity of this process for our clients, we need to take a closer look at the current process and make some changes so that it is more efficient and user-friendly for both the client and the bank.

  • Onboard within Minutes​

    Our video KYC solutions, integrated with regulatory APIs offer customized workflows that clips onboarding time from hours to minutes, reducing TAT & attrition by 50%.

  • Onboard with Ease

    ICR/OCR, autofill forms, & e-signature integration streamlines the process, eliminating manual effort & improving user experience by 80%

  • Safe & Compliant

    Inbuilt compliance and data privacy protection with AI-face recognition & AML checks, offers a stronger defense against KYC frauds & reduces compliance costs by 70%.

  • Scale up Productivity

    Inbuilt centralized data management and real-time dashboard enables process visibility, to manage customer data & improve productivity by 3X.

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