Salesforce Campaign Management

Campaigns in Salesforce is a set of tools that help marketing teams manage, track, and measure your marketing programs and ROI.

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Salesforce Campaign Management with Thinqloud

Salesforce campaigns are an effective way to connect your marketing initiatives with your campaign goals but proper execution and ROI tracking is the key to successful campaign campaignment. This is applicable for both online and offline marketing initiatives. 

 We help businesses Plan, Manage, Track and Measure the success of Campaign in Salesforce. Our custom solution for Campaign Management brings more value to standard features that Salesforce offers for Campaigns

Our Value Proposition

Our Salesforce® consulting services strength which is our differentiator lies in our “approach” to designing efficient business processes.

This is supported by our exposure and experience of running business across diverse domains over a long time

  • Our capability to integrate with external systems
  • Our understanding of business objectives
  • Helping you define the buyer persona and buyer journey
  • Co-creating the the content that will help nurture the buyer in their journeys
  • Buisness Intelligence dashboarding and analytics

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