Salesforce®️ Consulting Services

Drive innovation and maximize business value with our Consulting services.

These consulting services mainly relate to architecting your solution using Salesforce technologies and integrating the core CRM with third-party applications.

These services also relate to understanding your business processes and plan the use of Salesforce functionality to address them so as to even improve the existing processes. Our leadership team gets involved with the discovery and assists the project team in building the rollout plan.

We follow a process-oriented approach where we define and detail business processes, process transactions, and process activities in a proprietary model that we have customized from standard models. This model has evolved over time.

Our consulting services address the implementation of the following products from Salesforce®

Salesforce®️ Sales Cloud

A revolutionary Salesforce CRM, Sales Cloud can navigate all of your enterprise sales activity from the micro to macro level. It’s an ideal package for sales operations comprising lead generation, marketing, providing customer service and business outline.

Salesforce®️ Pardot and Marketing Cloud

Enabling automated marketing solutions and analytics, Marketing Cloud is a highly calibrated Salesforce platform for marketers to manage their market force through various digital communication channels. Customer information tracking and management is optimized through it’s pioneer AI technology, Salesforce Einstein.

Salesforce®️ Service Cloud

Service Cloud is an elegantly designed Salesforce platform dedicated to customer support and services. Addressing customer inquiries and issue resolution is the prime focus of Service Cloud.

Salesforce®️ Commerce Cloud

Provisioning cloud based ecommerce services is commerce cloud’s key game play. Offering first-rate features and customizable tweaks, this Salesforce platform conveniently handles ecommerce functionality through understanding, engagement and acuity.

Salesforce®️ Community Cloud

The core cloud framework is shared among specific parties having similar concerns. Access to cloud to those outside the community may be restricted. Community Cloud thus offers interaction medium to share information among various company personnel.

Salesforce®️ Einstein

Salesforce’s own radical AI assistant, Einstein combs through your organization data and shares valuable suggestions and predictions which could help in planning future course of your company through factual foresight.

Salesforce®️ NPSP non profit cloud

Meant especially for Non-profits, Salesforce NPSP covers all the operating facets which any non-profit CRM needs. Consider it as an effective Salesforce umbrella platform housing everything from fundraising to donor & grant management.

Salesforce Products for Specific Needs

Salesforce bids a plethora of tools and services which can be used to build tailor-made software solutions which fulfills any organization’s specific requirements. Thinqloud has successfully assisted businesses from different industries in this regard. 

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