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Drive innovation and maximize business value with our Salesforce® Consulting services.

Invariably, for green field implementations, when one is looking for a Salesforce consultant for implementation, you are looking for someone who can understand your business, business model, and buyer persona. When you understand this well, you can architect a solution using Salesforce® and integrate that with third-party applications.

These services assist in comprehending your business processes and devising a plan to enhance them using Salesforce. Our leadership team gets involved with the discovery and assists the project team in building the rollout plan.

As a Salesforce consulting agency, we use a specific model to define and explain business processes, transactions, and activities based on standard data-driven models. This model has evolved.

There is often a time when a company has implemented Salesforce® but feels they are not adequately using the platform. Here, too, we need to follow a similar process. We call this the Salesforce re-implementation services.

We provide consulting services for technical and process audits. We also offer assistance in designing technical solutions and recommending technology components. Additionally, we specialize in analyzing data, integrating systems, and creating user adoption strategies.

Therefore, we can categorize our services into the following categories – Salesforce implementation consulting, Salesforce improvement consulting, and Salesforce migration consulting. 

As a thumb rule, our services help companies improve their process outcomes between 20% – 30%

Please review our case studies to get a sense of our work.

Here are the snippets of verified customer verbatim feedback we have received.

  • I would like to take this opportunity to recommend an outstanding SFDC consulting organization.
  • Thinqloud completed a Salesforce revamp consulting job, and the changes implemented have streamlined our sales and marketing processes and improved productivity.
  • They were able to help our sales team understand ways to more effectively use Salesforce and perform their daily work tasks
  • Thinqloud Demonstrated skill and knowledge in every aspect of business operations.
  • Thinqloud was even able to make some improvements in our analytics and reporting modules that have contributed to bringing the company a more clear forecast in the last single quarter than we have ever had in any past years

Our consulting services address the implementation of the following products from Salesforce®

Salesforce®️ Sales Cloud

A revolutionary CRM, Sales Cloud can navigate all of your enterprise sales activity to a micro level. It’s an ideal package for sales operations comprising lead generation, management, deal management, proposals, forecasting, activity tracking, task management, helping with prioritizations, essentially helping the sales reps with information of what they need to do next .

Salesforce®️ Pardot and Marketing Cloud

Enabling automated marketing processes and analytics, Marketing Cloud is a highly calibrated Salesforce platform for marketers to manage their marketing campaigns through various digital communication channels. Customer information tracking and management is optimized through it’s pioneer AI technology, Salesforce Einstein.

Salesforce®️ Service Cloud

Service Cloud is an elegantly designed Salesforce platform dedicated to customer support and services. Addressing customer inquiries and issue resolution is the prime focus of Service Cloud.

Salesforce®️ Community Cloud

The core cloud framework is shared among specific parties having similar concerns. Access to the cloud to those outside the community may be restricted. Community Cloud thus offers an interaction medium to share information among partners and customers in a secure manner.

Salesforce®️ Einstein

Salesforce’s own radical AI assistant, Einstein combs through your organization data and shares valuable suggestions and predictions which could help in planning future course of your company through factual foresight.

Salesforce Products for Specific Needs

Salesforce has built a number of platforms that service the neeeds of vertical industries viz.  Financial Services, Consumer Goods, Manufacturing, NonProfits etc. Salesforce is also really a platform and offers a plethora of tools and services which can be used to build tailor-made business process management solutions which fulfill any organization’s specific workflow requirements. Thinqloud has successfully assisted businesses from different industries in this regard.

Thinqloud is a certified consulting partner.

Salesforce’s commitment to meeting the specific needs of various industries is evident in its range of products and platforms. Whether you are in the financial services sector, consumer goods industry, manufacturing field, or a nonprofit organization, Salesforce has tailored solutions to address your unique challenges.

One of the standout features of Salesforce is its AI assistant, Einstein. This revolutionary tool analyzes your organization’s data and provides valuable insights and predictions. With Einstein’s factual foresight, you can confidently make informed decisions and plan for the future.

But Salesforce is not just a one-size-fits-all solution. It is a versatile platform that offers a wide array of tools and services. This means you can customize and build your business process management solutions to suit your specific workflow requirements. Whether you need to streamline your sales process, automate your marketing campaigns, or enhance your customer service, Salesforce has the tools to help you achieve your goals.

At Thinqloud, we have extensive experience assisting businesses from various industries in harnessing the power of Salesforce. As a certified consulting partner, we have the expertise to understand your unique needs and propose tailored solutions to drive your business forward.

We encourage you to contact us if you want to explore how Salesforce can benefit your organization. Simply drop us a message, and we will connect with you to discuss your requirements and demonstrate how we can be of assistance. With Thinqloud and Salesforce by your side, you can unlock your business’s full potential and succeed in today’s competitive landscape.

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