Thinqloud is a registered Salesforce® implementation partner in India.

Our business process consultants understand what the customer wants and need, and work with the range of products to help deliver on the Salesforce® promise in quick time. Quickly bringing the business onto the platform helps get the desired ROI.  We understand the need that business needs to see benefits immediately, and Salesforce helps address the immediate need with “out of the box” functionality in quick-time.


Then going forward as Salesforce is a powerful platform, the team then works with the customer to customize the implementation for the specific needs of the business. Addon products can be implemented across the journey to give a better cost-benefit. Thinqloud works with the customer as a partner in the process and focuses on delivering revenue and bottom-line.

The range of implementation services is listed on the site here.

Customers also come to us when their initial Salesforce implementations were improper with issues relating to lousy code coverage, duplicate data, and no controls and automation. They know they are not leveraging the platform to the extent it could be. We have worked with such customers and have helped re-implement their platforms. It is not sufficient just to have the technical skills to get an implementation right. The consultants at the Salesforce® implementation partners end also needs to have deep business and process understanding of what we may call good practice options.

We don’t believe that there is only one set of practices (“best practices”) that should be applied to similar business processes. Each company is unique, but their cultures and business models are different. Hence there is a set of good practices to choose from, and that what suits the specific company. Our management teams’ diverse business experience and maturity help address this need. The management team is always involved with the nitty-gritty details on every implementation project.

We have customers who comes to us and say just reset the system after years of usage and we tell them that doing that will reset their learning and most times reworking the implementation is a better idea. There are learning that have been done over time and we don’t want to loose that no matter how bad the implementation is. We believe implementation is an ongoing process and you ikeep refining with time.

Your task of finding the right Salesforce® partner and consultant ends here!

We have offices in Pune and Mumbai in India. However, in these COVID times, it is now getting irrelevant where you are based out off.  Our team comprises of Salesforce® enthusiasts who are certified on Salesforce Clouds and are continuously focussed on expanding their knowledge across the Salesforce product range. Architecting the integration with third party products is also one of our key strengths.