Salesforce Implementation Services

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Salesforce® Cloud Implementation Services for an authorized Salesforce implementation partner

Thinqloud implementation consultants provide customized Salesforce implementation services to new or existing Salesforce implementations.

For re-implementation services, as we call them, we will first do an org audit and then do deep dive into understanding business processes.

Thinqloud Salesforce consultants can implement a variety of Salesforce cloud services and tools for any business scale. Proper and planned Salesforce implementation is the key.

Business objectives and key results, both short-term and long term need to be completely understood. Once that is done then, mapping features of the application to best meet the business results is the next step.

A combination of existing process maps and best practices needs to be implemented. This might even mean changing existing business processes. Progress then needs to be monitored, and the process needs to be tweaked. Our knowledge of the platform avoids our client’s costly and time-consuming pitfalls.

Salesforce implementation services can also mean data migration, data cleaning, process re-engineering, adding customized features, custom reports & dashboards,  and integration with another system. All this gets delivered at an affordable price. Here is a good link to review to when getting started. Going forward, generally after implementation services, one needs support services on an ongoing basis

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