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Salesforce Support Services


Expecting multiple technical skills from a sole resource is very difficult to find and excruciating to manage. Managing the full-time resources once the requirement is fulfilled is further headache.

Outsourcing your expectations to a full-scale ready team on need basis serves your enterprise on multiple levels. Check our customized packages that encompasses all your Salesforce requirements.

Requirements for a Successful Salesforce Implementation

  • There needs to be a complete understanding of the complete Salesforce environment so as to help address short term, medium term and long term goals
  • Creating and retaining a team that can help with the implementation from time to time
  • Sometimes small changes are required from time to time which does not justify a large retainer to be maintained
  • Sometimes easy wins can be implemented right out the box and this can get missed
  • Requirements get more and more sophisticated over time with more and more use
  • Requirements change from time to time based on market conditions
  • Deeper connects will be required across subsystems

Why Thinqloud?

  • We do not charge you a large retainership giving you the flexibility of using our services as and when you need it
  • Attractively priced and affordable support packages
  • 16 hour per day support window
  • There is a bench strength of diverse skill sets that is available on call
  • Small issues can be capped right away
  • Experienced and Skilled team in business process management and Salesforce
  • ITIL service delivery

Salesforce Support Service Packages

Drop us a message and we will connect with you to discuss your requirements and propose how we can be of  help.

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