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Salesforce® Support Services from India

Your implementation is done, and you need to keep the lights on. Sometimes, a basic implementation is done, and now we need to enhance the system. A Salesforce® environment in the long term needs Salesforce® support either done in-house or outsourced.

Support will need to address various needs. Basic L1 admin work, L2 Level enhancements, and L3 level enhancements that can be looked at like small projects. Therefore, support requires multiple skill sets in a time-slicing mode viz Admin, Advanced Admin, Development, Business Analyst, and Technical Architect.

One may not have the required skill sets across all areas in-house, so outsourcing Salesforce® support services is a good idea. L0/L1 could be brought in-house for small implementations; however, L2/L3 should be outsourced as an experienced team needs to deal with it to keep the implementation in good shape.  These support services could also help address requirements soon, helping with reduced times wrt go to market.

Change is constant, which could involve process modifications or the creation of new processes. It is sometimes helpful to consult to discuss the best way forward before making any change.

Outsourcing your requirement to a ready team at our end could be just what you need.  Check out our customized Salesforce support plans and packages that encompass all your Salesforce requirements.

Realize the full potential of your Salesforce application and engage with our Salesforce experts. We are happy to engage with even small businesses for their day-to-day needs. Customer satisfaction is paramount to us, and we deliver Salesforce support and maintenance in a pure offshore or onshore-offshore model.

Salesforce® Support Services requirements for a Successful Salesforce Implementation

  • There needs to be a complete understanding of the complete Salesforce environment so as to help address short term, medium term and long term goals
  • We also need to understand your business model and your buyer persona
  • Having access to a team with diverse skills sets that can help with the implementation from time to time
  • Sometimes small changes are required quickly that can bring in huge improvements to operations.
  • Sometimes easy wins can be implemented right out of the box and this can get missed
  • Requirements get more and more sophisticated over time with more and more use. How can you get them done quickly and at a lower cost?
  • Change in market conditions require quick modifications to the application
  • Deeper connects will be required across subsystems and must be done quickly

Why Thinqloud for Salesforce® Support Services?

  • We give you the flexibility of using a range of services as and when you need it
  • There is a bench strength of diverse skill sets that is available on call
  • Architecting and Tech lead skills can be delivered in a time-slicing model
  • Experienced and Skilled team in business process management and Salesforce
  • A proactive team that monitors your implementation from a technical and utilization standpoint
  • Attractively priced and affordable support packages
  • 16-hour-per-day support window
  • ITIL service delivery

Salesforce® Support Service Packages

Contact us for more details on the packages we can offer you for Salesforce® support services from India. Let’s discuss your requirements!

Some of the support services we offer are around security model enhancement and settings, approval processes and workflows, validations and rules, personalization, triggers that help with automation, custom reports, dashboard customization, troubleshooting, system monitoring, product upgrade management, backups, health checks, training and documentation, feature and solution enhancements and process re-engineering. We could also assist you in integrating Salesforce® with existing systems and third-party applications, leading to increased efficiency across all business processes. Some Salesforce support plans and managed services prices are per the link here

Supported by our business teams, we can help you extend the use of Salesforce across your organization and help you use other products from Salesforce that are required to support your business goals.

Drop us a message and we will connect with you to discuss your requirements and propose how we can be of help.

We have a flexible model and have a bunch of Salesforce® support plan options we could offer you that suit your needs.

Happy to be of assistance.

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