Supporting Nonprofits

Salesforce NonProfit Success Pack Features

Donor Management - Salesforce NPSP - Thinqloud

Donor Management

Nurture donors and increase their interactions and engagement with the community.

Donation Management - Salesforce NPSP - Thinqloud

Donation Management

Manage pledges and recurring payment mandates involving individual donations and grants.

Grantt Management - Salesforce NPSP - Thinqloud

Impact Reporting

Connect donations to disbursements to report on the actual use of funds. Cases for which the funds were used for can be tracked to log outcomes.

Moves Management - Salesforce NPSP - Thinqloud

Moves Management

Covers the process of managing the activities around improving the engagement of the donor with the nonprofit. This leads to a successful fundraising environment.

Donor Engagement - Salesforce NPSP - Thinqloud

Volunteer Management

Spread your nets and gather efficient recruits by managing your volunteer program through Salesforce. Track volunteer events and monitor their shifts.

Apps for fundraising - Salesforce NPSP - Thinqloud

Engagement and Collaboration

Change static online web pages to where visitors can engage online. Secure access to digital assets, personalized views, chatter, discussion groups, get questions answered.

Marketing and Communities - Salesforce NPSP - Thinqloud

Marketing Automation

Help constituents traverse their individual journeys with focussed and personalized content. Ensures we have a 360 view of constituents and their engagements

Analytics and Impact - Salesforce NPSP - Thinqloud

Analytics & Impact

Out of the box report and capability to connect to AI to give us further insights.

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